Welcome to Lighthouse.

We're glad you're here! Please scroll down to find out more, before sending us a request to join :)

About Lighthouse

We’re bringing together members of our local church family to share our lives and navigate the challenges and opportunities we face, in an uncertain, rapidly changing world. 

As we go, we're building life-giving practises and habits to nourish our everyday lives and faith - and working out how to make well-informed choices about the things that matter to us. 

This is the stuff that is hard to get answers to on Google - and even harder to do on our own. 

By hearing the light-hearted, practical, thoughtful and soulful stories, ideas and experiences of people on the same path, we're finding out how we can be better, together.

On the way, we're getting some good things done, with friends for the journey, and learning how to live life to the full.

This online community is a living, breathing, digital extension of our life together.

As explained on our church website here, Lighthouse is open to people who can say ‘yes’ to four things: 

  • That you’re known personally to us, at Holy Trinity, Ashby. 
  • That you’re on our church database (we can arrange to add you if you’d like us to do this.) 
  • That you’re actively involved at Trinity (either online or in person). It might be that you come along to one of our Sunday services, or one of our regular events, groups or activities. 
  • That Trinity is your ‘home’ church. By this, we mean that Trinity is your main spiritual home, rather than this being another church in Ashby, or further afield.

About Trinity

This online community is for people who are part of our local church family at Holy Trinity, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK. 

We’re a church that loves God and loves people. We live to see lives changed and our community transformed for good. 

Find us online at https://trinityashby.net/